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How to Paint or Re-Stain Kitchen Cabinets

Painting or re-staining kitchen cabinets can be a new look and give a new life to your kitchen, taking it from being obsolete informed. If you are on the job as a do-it-yourself project, preparation and "elbow grease" take can result in a significant performance. Take before and after photos so you have proof of the transformation and brag about how you designed and made redo your kitchen cabinets.

Instructions How to Paint or Re-Stain Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Kitchen Cabinet
painting kitchen

1 Take the time to consider and visualize your options. If the cabinets are made of wood, you can paint or re-stain them. If the cabinets are laminate flooring, painting is your best option, as laminate surfaces are composed of composite woods, which were not suitable for re-staining.

2 Focus on and stick to a specific design look. Choose a style for the last cabinets that reflects a modern, contemporary, traditional or European style. Re-Stain Kitchen Cabinets

Consider three different creative options that can provide paint. You can create a contemporary look by painting the cabinets in a solid color such as black or white. Both colors provide versatility. White lends itself to different kitchen design styles such as country, traditional, French or Tuscan. Black tie-in cabinets with modern and contemporary styles. The colors such as red, yellow or blue can give the kitchen a retro, "artsy" or eclectic look.

4 Compare what you can achieve by staining your existing wood cabinets. So you can change chestnut cabinets to beech to "enlighten" the wood look of the kitchen. Alternatively, you can convert the existing light wood cabinets to create a series of dark finishes such as cherry, mahogany or walnut to a substantial look.

5 Select your painting technique, such as "crackling" or a high gloss finish. Discuss your options with technology experts paint shop to your final decision. If you choose to stain the cabinets - get a number of chip samples from your home improvement store, take them home, stick them on the cabinets and visualize how the spot colors will look before making your final selection.

6 Clean the cabinets for painting or staining. Remove the doors and hardware. Get envelopes and plastic bags at the hardware store. Mark each back wall with a small strip of masking tape as a door A, B, C, and so on. Set the associated hardware for the door in an envelope.

7 Strip and sand the cabinet doors and frames. Whether you choose to paint or stain - the materials will keep the best and apply grease buildup when surfaces are washed and have small bumps to brush away. Consult your paint store expert to select the right "grit" sandpaper.

8 Prime the cabinets if you are going to paint. Be sure to use a dust sheet on countertops to prevent the stain or paint drips on their surface. Otherwise you will be another cleanup job once painting or staining is finished. Also apply to floors with a dust sheet for protection. Allow ample time for drying between coats of paint or stain.

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