Sabtu, 28 Februari 2015

40 Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

Last night till late been busy with the new Snaidero Ideas 40 kitchen. I have this kitchen now ordered for the place where the kitchen is S14. The S14 kitchen is indeed sold as I had already written on the blog on 40 Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens.

Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

40 Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

The new Idea 40 there are separate wall units available to be installed over your back. These cabinets are only 20cm tall and just 15.5cm deep. The cabinet hulls of these cabinets are made of aluminum so they are resistant to cooking water. The doors will be in color shades. When I ordered the stove door in stainless steel.  Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens looks sturdier and of course, is the same also resistant to the steam which is released during cooking.
Pictures Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

Above these cabinets is another canopy mounted where a sloping front sits on. This sloping theme comes back in the doors of the kitchen and of course the blade edge.

Small Kitchen Ideas

The drawing of the new kitchen there is already roughly in (below), but I want to still make something better / improve. The customer has the showroom kitchen needed quickly. Hence, I had to shoot at.

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