Jumat, 13 Februari 2015

Custom Wood Kitchen Design

Are you looking for a handmade wooden kitchen? Harry Westhoeve allows you to design and manufacture your wooden kitchen and wooden kitchen accessories!
Together with you, we see what is best for you!

wood kitchen

Why a wood custom kitchen?

Pure wood is a real beauty! Wooden kitchens are often bold and modern. I'm with you which type of wood is best for you and fits your needs. The woods are combined with stone, steel and concrete. Because I make all wood kitchens hand, the possibilities are unlimited. Wooden kitchens can have both a classic look like a rural and tough look! You can also opt for a solid wood kitchen, here you can think of woods such as; oak, ash and mahogany and so on.
You can also contact me for wooden kitchen accessories, for both your current and your new kitchen. These wooden kitchen accessories are designed and made from my workshop. Think dividers for drawers or adding comfortable loading into an existing cabinet.
design wood kitchen

How is its effect?

First I go with you to the table to discuss what your needs are. For example, to a whole new wood kitchen, solid wood kitchen or just wooden kitchen accessories? Then I will come to your home to measure your kitchen. On this basis I make a 3D design, what I like to present to you. If this is discussed with you, I'm going to make the wooden kitchen or wooden kitchen accessories from my workshop.

wood design kitchen

Is a custom wood kitchen for you?

Are you interested in a wooden kitchen or wooden kitchen accessories? Please contact me! Together we look at what is best for you!

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