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10 Tips for a Custom DIY Kitchen

DIY Kitchen

1. Cook Fire, worktop and sink must be fully wheelchair bier.

2. adjustable kitchens: using 17 cm in height adjustable consoles the kitchen can easily at any height to be infinitely adjusted. This may be of importance when a change of roll or work chair.

3. By isolating the elements under the sink and stove is burning and injuring the legs are not possible.

4. In a kitchen, which by different persons and / or both standing and sitting is used, it may be necessary that the kitchen must be continuously adjusted. This can be mechanically / hydraulically by means of a crank or electrically by a safe 24 volt voltage, possibly with remote control. The adjustment options range from single base to a high-tech diagonal system. The electrically adjustable kitchens are equipped with automatic protection.

5. Because the hinges of the hanging cabinet doors are 165 °, the door can be almost completely open. This is the accessibility of the cabinets for good, which one can utilize the drawer contents. It also prevents bumping the head of upper cabinets.

6. The base cabinets have drawers instead of cupboards with doors and shelves.

7. Ride height can be up to 12 cm. The ladeblende has a height of 10 cm and the sheet thickness of only 2 cm. As the ideal combination of under rideability and proper posture is achieved.

8. In order not to overload shoulders, is a heat resistant work surface (which is different from heat resistant!) Necessary. For example, a hot pot sliding of the cooking heat to the sink (for example to pour potatoes). This slide can without damaging the surface.

9. At the front of a sheet is a weir board a necessity to prevent wet / burned legs.

10. The mixers are best fitted with an additional long handle and possibly a pull-out shower head, through which one can more easily in a seated position when operating the crane. Increasing ring under the mixer provides enough space to place a large pan or bucket under the tap. Partly because of the shallow sink (11 cm) remains posture, and under rideability of the wheel- chair or work guaranteed.
DIY Kitchen
Custom Kitchen

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