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kitchen materials and colors Ideas

There is hardly a piece of furniture that is so heavily put to the test as a kitchen cabinet.Heavy load, heat, grease, acid, oil, moisture, bumps and scratches, dirt and cleaning products have extremely high demands on both the inside and the outside of the kitchen elements.Because your kitchen naturally must continue to look perfect as long as possible, is the manufacturer therefore great care to the finish.Plastic is highly resistant to scratches and bumps and is available in numerous colors and designs, including many wood structures. Especially for handleless kitchens there are plastic fronts on the market that are coated so that even fingerprints have no more hold on it.

kitchen materials and colors Ideas

Real wood, both solid and veneer, characterized by the natural play of color and texture and has a chic look. The finish provides both a hardening as moisture barrier, making the wood retains its natural charm.
Furthermore, at this time covered with foil and lacquered fronts particularly popular. Contemporary lacquered fronts are slippery so that dirt and grease no control over gain and all surfaces are also easy to clean.

Much or little color kitchen materials and colors

kitchen materials and colors Ideas

Literally available in all colors, glossy, matte and even hand-painted decors are possible. So you can leave the kitchen completely blend into the rest of the interior. By choosing a striking color the kitchen is highlighted correctly. Or color, but slightly less emphatic? Opt for subtle color accents for the grips or grip handles.

Mix and match kitchen materials and colors

kitchen materials and colors Ideas

In this age where everything is possible, all people can be themselves. Do not follow trends, but follow your own unique taste. Combine wood, marble, granite, stainless steel and glass high-gloss finishes in all possible colors. Cabinets with different styles, profiles, handles and colors form together an innovative unit. In short, create your own personal kitchen.

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