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Kitchen and Hallway Floor Ceramic Parquet 20x100, 20x20, 30x30

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Here come home and talk to you!
At this place you will feel at home! The tiles that you choose, give your kitchen atmosphere!
We hear from visitors their disappointment over a tile purchase elsewhere:
"Had I known, I would have made different choices ... I thought you were out cheap but what is the result me to ... They had the Internet not told my wet tiles are slippery ... I did not know that the tiles that they sold me, so were scratched by our dog ... my husband thinks I should stop whining, but I am so very disappointed with the difficult maintenance of my floor! "

Be informed for your ultimate kitchen feel

In the kitchen is about domesticity, but you should be able to tile a beating. You want to mess there, spills, splashes and brewing. And then also easily and quickly clean the mess afterwards.
Tiles give your kitchen convenience! Ceramic is always good, but also natural stone is an option!
For the kitchen you go looking for two types of tiles: wall tiles and floor tiles. These must match with each other and reinforce each other. This can be done because they correspond. A colored rear wall behind the stove gets extra shine if the pattern is recognizable in the floor. Travertine on the floor and wall tiles beige creates a harmonious whole. But equally a contrast can be very attuned to work. As people often opt for white wall tiles and a dark floor tile. This gives strength to both colors.
Be inspired by the many possibilities that give your kitchen atmosphere. tips:
Check Elongated wall tiles with bevelled edge are timeless classics.
Check Terrazzo tiles give a 30s house the charm of a bygone era.
Check-colored mosaic gives a playful effect and blends beautifully with accessories.
A check anthracite stone floor contrasts nicely with colorful kitchen cabinets.
Check Tiles with the look of wood, concrete or metallic make the wall behind your stove unique.

Ceramic Kitchen Floor

The color of the tiles, the color of the cabinets to its fullest. Do you have white kitchen cabinets and white tiles you want? Choose the right color in white! You do not want tiles stick to the wall cabinets you pale, let smudged or yellowish corpses. Always take a cabinet panel along as you find out tiles or take a tile sample along to assess your kitchen

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