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7 appetizers for Christmas dinner that will make a tricks

Snacks Christmas meal: crudités with dip cheese and yogurt
If today you have the Christmas meal and still not know what to wear, we turned to our ever estimated Martha Stewart, the queen of the kitchen in the United States, to help us with 7 quick snack recipes for Christmas dinner and look like Martha herself to your mother. We start with something really easy, like a tray of crudités (carrots, cucumbers, celery ...). The important thing is the sauce. You can do a simple dip with cheese terrine Philadelphia and liquefied natural yoghurt. You can add curry, dill or another spice that gives flavor.

Snacks Christmas meal: you chicory with marinated vegetablesEndive with marinated vegetables

Cut small beets into strips and place in a saucepan with a little water and salt. Boil until half of the water (ca. 30 min.) Is consumed. Strain and reserve. Grate a carrot and a half fennel, and add to the beet. In a separate bowl, make vinaigrette with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. You can put a few drops of lemon. Mix with vegetables and refrigerate one hour. Place on a baking endive leaves and top with marinated vegetables. Decorate with a few pearls of salmon roe.

In a pie plate, add half a cup of olive oil with crushed red pepper, salt, chopped chives and oregano, preferably fresh. Place the balls of mozzarella, stir a bit and let marinate for 20 minutes to 2 hours. Serve at room temperature.

Drain well (press the pan) and put in a bowl along with 2 anchovy fillets, thawed 250g artichokes and half a teaspoon of sugar. Put in a food processor or blender, until you go into a paste. Go slowly adding half a glass of wine olive oil. Then, with the apparatus still running, add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, one by one. Season to taste and keep in the fridge. Remove before serving, so that it is not very cold, and garnish with chopped chives and a drizzle of oil.

Snacks Christmas meal: camembert with pear compoteCamembert cheese with pear and walnuts

in a skillet, melt a tablespoon of butter and add a peeled pear pieces. Cook about 3 minutes until tender. Add a splash of brandy and some rosemary. Transversely cut the cheese and put the bottom half of the plate where it will go served. Place the pear compote, reserving two tablespoons for garnish. In another pan, mix two tablespoons balsamic vinegar with honey and cook about 3 min. Cool another 5 min, and take part of the mixture over the pears. Close the cheese to the top, put the rest of the pear and the remainder of vinegar and honey. Garnish with walnuts and rosemary, and serve immediately.

Snacks Christmas meal: yogurt dipRoasted Garlic Dip

toasting half cup of sliced garlic (also sold as roasted). It is important not to burn because they would taste bad. Place in the Thermomix or blender, along a natural Greek yogurt and a cup of sour cream and 3 tablespoons milk. Salpimentar, proceed to serving bowl and garnish with finely chopped chives.

Snacks Christmas meal: papata nibbles and baiconBocadidos potato with baicon

You will need the same amount of baby potatoes and sliced baicon. You can buy baicon in light version. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wrap each potato with a slice of baicon and closes with a toothpick. Place the potatoes on a baking tray, but before fórrala with baking paper. Bake about 50 minutes, until the potatoes when you click with a knife is tender.

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