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Stainless steel kitchen gadgets set 13 parts

Stainless steel kitchen gadgets set 13 parts

Stainless steel kitchen gadgets set
Honestly - why has no one told earlier by this bargain to me?
After several relocation, the one or the other kitchen gadgets have always adopted, as a last resort circled my "consumer" idea to a small grater, a  things that should have their place in a kitchen, for which I but was to be honest so far too cheap to buy them individually (usually around 10 € each).
What can I say? From the scope of the delivery, I'm surprised! Certainly there is no professional equipment, but I found everything my heart happy kitchen:-) The individual parts are tough and resilient, make also (in my opinion) is optically very well on the provided path and fulfill their purpose.
For this price and this scope - a strong buy recommendation.

Stainless steel kitchen gadgets set 13 parts

 So I'm honestly very surprised by the stainless steel kitchen gadgets are very well made and you can tell that the whole thing is a quality product - no shit China - is. The weight alone speaks for itself that here no inferior stainless steel was used. Converted about 1 Euro / part is also still spot cheap. So for every one I MUST say only - while supplies last :)

What more can you ask for about 10 € inexpensive, 13-piece kitchen set? Personally, I find the money well spent. Some of the devices come with me every day to use and have already survived the trip easily in the dishwasher. Only the can opener is crap. He had given up the ghost already in the second box.

Stainless steel kitchen gadgets set

If you want high quality should steer well clear of this bargain make the penny pincher accesses.

The shipping, packaging and communications were extremely exemplary, business processing problem, the product was ordered and delivered to the other day, I can only recommend the business partner again and again. The utensils are all processed helpful, useful and clean, the potato peeler is a real Peeler, who takes away little bowl of potato.

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